Taste a movie!

At La Barrique Wine Bar we have procured many of the wines you have seen on the big screen. Come to La Barrique for your wine experience memorable and unique.

Sideways”, a 2004 Alexander Payne comedy film talks about two men in their 40s, a depressed teacher, writer without success and an actor, who travels for a week in Santa Barbara County wine country. The film won the Oscar for the best adapted script and was nominated in the following categories best film, best director , best supporting actor and the best supporting actress.

Mondovino” is a 2004 documentary film written and directed by the American Jonathan Nossiter, about the three-generation saga of the succession of California billionaires, rivalries of two florentine aristocrats and three-generation conflicts of a family in Burgundy. He was nominated for the Golden Palma at the 2004 Cannes Festival and a César prize.

A Good Year” a romantic comedy of Ridley Scott set in Provence. An English broker inherits a small vineyard from an uncle, he goes to sell it, and instead falls in love with the place and a beautiful owner of bistrot.

Saint-Amour”, a film by Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern telling the journey of two farmers the French countryside to break new ground in wine together traveling through various wineries, with the background of the French countryside .

American Wine Story “ A sensational history/documentary about the wine producers in the United States, about enology enthusiasts who have brought their obsessions to the extreme.

SOMM is an American documentary of 2013 following the attempts by four candidates to pass the extremely difficult examination of Master Sommier, a test with one of the lowest success rates in the world. Directed by Jason Wise, a sequel, SOMM: Into the Bottle, was released in 2015 and a third film, SOMM 3, came out in October 2018. A TV series based on the Esquire Network in November 2015.

“Bottle Shock”is a 2008 comedic film directed by Randall Miller, which tells the 1976 wine competition called the Judgment of Paris, when Montenena Winery’s California wine wine defeated French wine in a blind tasting test, forever changing the wine industry, ensuring prestige, merit and popularity to California companies and showing that American wines can be as good as French wine.

As long as there is prosecco there is hope” is a film directed by Antonio Padovan and from the novel by Fulvio Ervas. Set in the vineyards of the Veneto region hills you come where a half-Venetian inspector investigates a series of murders.

Vinodentro‘,thriller who has a shy bank employee who loves Marzemin wine is suffering from metamorphosis. In order to afford ever more expensive and exclusive bottles of wine, as an honest man, turns into an ambitious, unscrupulous man until he loses his job in the bank and reinvents himself.

For the nostalgics, finally, a 1969 film, “The secret of Santa Victoria”, with Anthony Quinn and Anna Magnani, inspired by a fact that actually happened during the Second World War in Languages, telling the story of a vinai and drunken mayor who saves a million bottles to the Nazis.